Transformational Coaching

Outgrow yourself with courage

Crises, unexpected waypoints or simply the ambition to tackle a new opportunity: situations of change and transformation can be very demanding. Giving up the tried and true, making room for the new: Challenging dynamics arise from interactions between expectations, objectives, roles, and capabilities. This can be overwhelming.

I enjoy supporting people and organizations in tackling change in an entrepreneurial way. I accompany people in professional, business and organizational transformation processes and help them to better understand and actively shape their own change processes.

Coaching for people in phases of transformation

Take the reins with strength and courage and follow your calling.
  • Develop new perspectives and behaviors
  • Release mental and emotional blockades
  • Mobilize your own strengths
  • Walk the path to your own future with inspiration

Coaching for organizations in transformation

Design and manage the transformation process systematically and across all relevant levels.
  • Clarify roles, expectations and feasibilities in a goal-, strength- and resource-oriented way
  • Create orientation and powerful change dynamics
  • Keep track of strategic, structural and cultural dimensions of change
  • Maintain the balance between change and operational performance
  • Establish new ways of thinking and acting

My approach