Innovation Coaching & Facilitation

Innovate effectively

Inspiration, creation, persuasion: Innovation is a fundamental human process that draws its success from entrepreneurial power.

I support leaders and professionals in innovation, business and corporate development to develop their creative strength and strategic effectiveness. For good ideas, strategies and skills from which innovations emerge.

Coaching for innovators and innovation teams

Reflect and strategically align your own understanding of innovation.
  • Define and convincingly communicate the "why" of the innovation project.
  • Create clarity and orientation for relevant stakeholders
  • Achieve more creativity, speed and performance with psychological security and agility
  • Develop internal and external excellence in collaborative innovation
  • Create and nurture an entrepreneurial innovation culture 
  • Steer and sustainably establish innovation-driven change projects

Innovation facilitation

I facilitate innovation initiatives and let you benefit from related research experience.
  • Conception, organization and moderation of innovation workshops
  • Sparring partner with many years of expertise and experience for innovation managers, executive management and board of directors
  • Innovation-oriented organizational development

My approach